Fighters from Muay Thai Battle Conquer compete in the local carnival fights on a weekly basis, there will be many opportunities to fight during your stay. If you’re interested in gaining experience fighting at a high level in a traditional environment let us know. The talent at these carnivals is top notch and the biggest promoters in Thailand can often be found there scouting the next champion. Being a family-run gym for more than 100 years, Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym has a huge network of promoters and friends throughout Thailand. We will find you competitive fights that will get you noticed by the right people to take your fighting career to the next level. If your talent and work ethic are there then the sky is the limit.

Common Questions:

*Can you find fights for women?  Absolutely! There are female fights on nearly every card with some cards even being majority female fights. Just let us know your weight and fighting experience to find the best matchup.

*With so many fights will my training suffer?  We purposely limit the number of foreign fighters at any given time to maintain our high standard of training.

*Can you find me a western boxing match?  Yes. While not as common as Muay Thai, we can find you a fight. Just let us know your weight and experience so we can find you a competitive matchup.