What We Offer

Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym is a traditional Muay Thai gym in the heart of Thailand’s farmland in the pretty province of Phetchabun.

Traditional Muay Thai.

The Keawma family have been involved in Muay Thai for hundreds of years. We believe in training fighters to the highest standard.

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Our Wellbeing Programme

With health and wellbeing becoming more of a focus is our busy and hectic lives; at Battle Conquer Gym we offer an all-inclusive package to help you reset and recharge. Start your programme off with a raw detox followed by clean and nutritious home cooked Thai food. If wellbeing is your focus join our yoga and meditation classes, take a hike through jungle surroundings and meditate to the sounds of waterfalls, meet our humble monk and climb coral mountain with him, or simply enjoy some me time and go for a well deserved massage.


A Personalised Experience.

We combine Muay Thai boxing, western boxing and kick boxing with elements of CrossFit and strength and conditioning. If mindfulness is your focus join us on one of our many hikes, take in the stunning views, meditate with monks or take a yoga class by a picturesque lake.

The Chance to Fight.

The quality of fights in the countryside are very high and we have a very active gym with fighters competing on a weekly basis. Having trained fighters for over 100 years our family run gym has a substantial network of promoters throughout Thailand. Regardless of your experience we will arrange competitive fights for both men and women. If you have the talent then fighting for our gym can be your back door onto the largest stages in Muay Thai.

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Noi’s On Site Cafe. Noi’s Cafe

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Noi’s Cafe

We serve healthy, mouth-watering Thai food just steps away from your room and the training area.