Getting Here

Bus from Bangkok – Check schedule here

  1. Go to Mo Chit Northern Bus Terminal(Map). You can get there directly by taxi or by taking either the BTS to Mo Chit station or the MRT to Bang Sue then taxi(60-80baht) to the bus terminal.
  2. Go inside and ask security or information counters which kiosk for the first class bus to Phetchabun.
  3. Purchase a first class ticket to “Smo Thot” for 239baht. Buses run every hour or so – Timetable
  4. Enjoy the ride! You’ll get a small water and snack on the bus which are included with the ticket. There will also be one stop about halfway through where you can use the restroom and get food/snacks.

*Please coordinate your arrival time with us prior so we can pick you up at Smo Thot.

Things To Do

Carnivals – In addition to fights, these country carnivals usually have a big selection of rides, carnival games, live music/dancing, and great food.

Hiking – The hills just a short ride from the gym are great for hiking. Take off on your motorbike or join with one of the group trips from the gym.

Temples & Feeding Monkeys – There are many beautiful temples in the area that make for nice day trips. Some of these temples are havens for monkeys, which the locals feed when visiting the temple. Pick some fruit up from the local market and head to the temple for a laugh.

Additional Services

Cooking Class with Noi

Organized Tour

Visa Run