• Twice daily Muay Thai or Western Boxing 6 days a week.
  • Twice daily CrossFit or Hiking
  • Free Muay Thai PT session per week
  • Buddha Run Challenge with optional Guided Meditation
  • Jungle Hike with Waterfall Meditation & swimming
  • Sunday Gym Excursion to Nong Pye Lake or similar
  • Swimming (lake swimming or trips to local swimming pool)
  • Thai massage treatment (number vary per package.)
  • Daily yoga class available 6 days a week
  • Meeting our Monk highlight tour
  • JD Temple with guided meditation
  • Seven Heads Temple with guided meditation
  • Dragon Temple Tour with Guided Meditation
  • Monkey Feeding and Fish Feeding Tour with Guided Meditation
  • Night Market Tour
  • Day market and town trip
  • 5 day raw detox (optional)
  • Three months on line support
  • Daily healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner from Noi’s Cafe.
  • Coffee and Tea facilities
  • Bottled water freely available
  • Accommodation in air conditioned private room with en-suite
  • Room cleaned daily
  • Free use of mountain bike

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Join us on our “Gym Excursion” where we will take you on one of the day trips included in your package such as Nong Pye Lake where you can take a raft out and fish and swim.


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