Nutritious Home Cooked Thai Food.

Noi, owner and operator, wakes daily at 5am to visit the morning markets in order to buy the freshest ingredients for the food being served that very day at Noi’s Cafe. Being passionate about food & good service, Noi knows that carefully selected produce makes a big impact on taste and nutrition.

Noi and Chef Monika work hard to bring you a variety of traditional, family style Thai food that is both tasty, clean and healthy. Traditional Thai food is protein rich with various meats and fish on offer, that said, at Battle Conquer we offer a wide range of alternative meals, so please ask!

20-60 baht/meal

Cooking Classes with Noi.

Noi has served up delicious food at many high-end hotels. In addition to her years of experience cooking for hotel clients she has a wealth of knowledge about traditional Thai home cooking which she uses to take her food to the next level.

Noi will also take you on a tour through the markets and nearby forests explaining the local secrets to selecting the perfect ingredients. Impress your friends and family with your new found cooking skills and unique culinary delights.

Price: 700baht/person (Includes trip to market)