Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym.

Muay Thai Battle Conquer is a traditional, family run gym with deep roots in the fight game. The Keawma ส.พิชิตศึก family has been involved in fighting, training and promoting Muay Thai for hundreds of years.

Located roughly 290km North of Bangkok in a quiet farming community in Phetchabun, Battle Conquer Gym gives you the chance to train and fight in a relaxing environment off the beaten path. You will train alongside budding young stars all the way up to professional adult fighters making it ideal for beginners to learn quickly. Our gym is very beginner friendly.

The name of the gym itself comes from the Thai saying Phichit Suk(ส.พิชิตศึก) said to fighters for good luck and translates to “Battle Conquer”.

Head Trainer & Owner – Pau

Muay Thai Phetchabun Thailand
Pau – Owner and head trainer at Battle Conquer



Trained by his uncle and fighting since the age of 4, Pau was paid 90 baht for his first fight. By the age of 14 he had more than 100 fights under his belt and was recruited to fight out of the Wy Cun gym in Bangkok.

He trained and fought alongside Saensak Muangsurin, the great boxer who became the WBC welterweight champion in only his third professional fight. Pau built a record of 58 wins and 10 losses during his time in Bangkok.

Pau was later drafted by the army and continued fighting out of the army gym near Chiang Mai while serving. When he finally returned home he started teaching Muay Thai alongside his uncles who have since passed away.

Pau continued to develop a wealth of Muay Thai knowledge which he teaches in a traditional and very intuitive style. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned fighter you will learn a great deal from him.