Battle Conquer is more than a fitness camp, Muay Thai School or gym. We’ve put together some very special and unique experiences for you to get involved in.

Spiritual Awakening

Meeting our Monk can be a very personal and humbling experience.

You meet at the Monk’s temple and home where he peacefully sits awaiting your arrival. His kindness is air born as you enter and his calm demeanour has you feeling welcomed.

You may ask him many questions, he loves to practice his English, after some conversation he will guide you through a meditation before joining you to explore the nearby caves. (Please be aware that his location is often changed.)

Nong Pye Lake.

One of Phetchabun’s largest lakes deep in the valley with beautiful panoramic views, take a raft out and relax, swim, fish, if you’d like refreshments it’s not a problem simply wave a flag and you can order the most delicious food and drinks delivered to your raft.

Monkeying Around

A fun part of the week is visiting the Monkey Temple & Fish Temple. Not only is the scenery picturesque, you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with hundreds of monkeys and some of the biggest cat fish you’ll ever see. Also included is a guided meditation at the peaceful Fish Temple with our lovely yoga teacher.

Dragon Temple.

Garden Temple.

Hiking & Jungle Hike Waterfall.

JD Temple