Local Tour full day 800 baht.

Monkey temple plus feeding the monkeys, fish temple including fish feeding, drive through the hills and pick some fruit, jungle trek including waterfalls, lunch and drink included.

Stairway to Buddha (half day) 500 baht… Rock climb 1000 baht.

Visit one of the most unique temples where the monks live in caves.

Stairway to buddha and a guided rock climb with the monks (full day.)

There are 2 different routes one requires ropes and some experience route 2 you need to have a intermediate level of fitness, breathtaking views from the top definitely worth the challenge, lunch and drink included.

The Rocky Maze (half day) 600 baht.

A huge rock with a maze of stairs winding its way to the top where the views are astonishing, there’s a beautiful drive to get there too.

Nong Pye Lake (full day) 1500 baht.

One of Phetchabun’s largest lakes deep in the valley with beautiful panoramic views, take a raft out and relax, swim, fish, if you’d like refreshments it’s not a problem simply wave a flag and you can order the most delicious food and drinks delivered to your raft.


Scenic Tour of Phetchabun Mouatains (full Day) 1500 Baht.

There is so much to see with the most incredible views and temples, military canons museums and so much more at the top of these giant mountains.

Fishing at The Retreat (free.)

Take some fishing gear and fish in our many ponds that are teaming with fish, it’s a great way to relax. Bring your catch back to the camp and Noi will turn it into a mouth watering meal for your dinner.