• Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits you’ll notice when you start to implement yoga and Muay Thai together is the improvement in your flexibility and your overall range of motion.

Every Muay Thai fighter’s dream is to land the perfect head kick knockout, right? Unfortunately, if you struggle with hip and hamstring flexibility it can hinder you from throwing a solid head kick. The variety of stretches you do during a yoga class will drastically help with your hip flexibility. Even more so it will open up your chest, loosen your shoulders and give you healthy hamstrings.


  • Focus

If you’ve ever trained intensely, or better yet, been in a Muay Thai fight, you should know how easy it is to get tired and lose control of your breath. With a yoga practice you will be much more in-tune with your body and mind and be able to catch your breath, slow down your heart rate and be in control of your thoughts during moments of complete chaos and between rounds.

  • Balance

Balance plays an important part in being able to execute traditional Muay Thai moves such as the roundhouse kick. With a regular yoga practice you will see your ability to balance becoming stronger until a roundhouse kick feels easy compared to holding Warrior 3 for 10 breaths.


  • Strength

So you might think I’m crazy writing strength but have you seen some of the yogis out there. More advance yoga requires a huge amount of core strength and stability. We’re not talking about power here, we’re talking about muscle stamina and that’s going to keep you going through those long rounds.


  • Mental Stamina

It takes an enormous amount of control to hold any yoga pose over time. It’s a constant battle with your mind, always bringing your awareness back to your breath. You learn to overcome the nagging voices in your head, learn to breath into discomfort and move passed it, yoga helps you push past your mental barriers.


  • Breath

Breathing right! How many of us actually breath correctly? And I’m not just talking about in a fight. Most people do not know how to direct their breath into their lower lungs, they breath into their upper chambers only. In yoga you learn how to be fully aware of your breath, taking in longer, deeper inhalations of air, filling your body with life giving oxygen. More oxygenated blood equals a more responsive fighter.