Home Cooked and Nutritious.

Our home cooked Thai meals are full of a variety of different vegetables, fruit and herbs and spices, providing a range of nutrients and health benefits. We do not use any dairy and only have the freshest cuts of white meat or fish (optional.) This makes our food incredibly healthy and detoxifying, there are zero processed foods. A clean eating diet like this one is perfect for weight loss.

All of our Wellbeing Packages start with the 5 Day Raw-Fest programme (optional and may not be suitable for all guests) this allows the colon to rest by removing a complex diet and providing natural energy and vitamins from raw foods. After five days your body is ready to start enjoying some of the finest fresh Thai food packed with all the body needs.

raw pad thai
Raw Pad Thai

Detox your soul not just your body.

We are set in such a wonderful location for you to truly unwind. Phetchuabun is full of breathtaking mountains and hills, stunning waterfalls and lush green farmland. We are so secluded that you will have no other choice but to recharge.

Yoga and Meditation are both available during your stay and one of our highlights is heading into the Phetchabun’s majestic hills to meditate with our local monk. You will join our family, eat our humble food and soak up our traditional Thai culture a million miles away from all the stresses of modern day life in our simple village.

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