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Benefits of meditation that will convince you to make it a regular habit

Meditation is a very popular concept that has been around since ancient times. However, during COVID Meditation took hype among everyone around the globe. There are many mysteries associated with [...]
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A Comprehensive Guide to Phetchabun (Thailand)

Set in the very heart of Thailand, the province of Phetchabun is nestled within a river valley and surrounded by majestic mountains, lush jungle, stunning waterfalls, beautiful lakes and breath-taking [...]
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Benefits of Yoga | The Proven List of Reasons Why You Should Consider Practicing Yoga!

Yoga, unlike what modern media is advertising, is one of the ancient practices that help keep your body and mind healthy. The word “yoga” comes from the word “Yuj” meaning [...]
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Reasons Why Muay Thai Is a Great Core Workout? 

When it comes to core workouts, there are many effective ways that you can do that. You might not know that a century-old fighting system – Muay Thai- might be [...]
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5 Layers of Being | Exploring All The Koshas (Yoga 101)

Those aware of yoga must also have heard of the 5 layers of your body. Since yoga is a holistic practice, it has never been considered to affect only the [...]
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Different Ways of Taking a Fitness Vacation | Things you can do to stay fit while on Vacation in Thailand!

Whenever one thinks of vacation, being lazy and doing nothing is what comes to mind. But have you ever considered taking a fitness vacation? This is something that is trending [...]
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