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Training and Activies

Find out what makes us one of the best reviewed Muay Thai camps in Thailand

Schedule & Activies

Battle Conquer is set in such a wonderful rural location in the province of Phetchabun, abundant with breathtaking mountains and hills, stunning waterfalls and lush green farmland, it’s tailored for you to truly unwind from modern-day life while you focus on your health and fitness.
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We are more than just a Muay Thai Gym

Ask for a copy of our wellness and fitness schedules and you’ll see the wealth of activates that we offer. Our gym is a yoga resort here in Thailand, a weight loss camp, meditation retreat Thailand, as well as a wellness resort Thailand.
We also offer western boxing with olympic team trainers, crossfit, hiking in our stunning countryside along with unique trips to special hidden locations only the locals know about. If you’re after a camp with a difference then please read on.
Ask for a copy of our wellness and fitness schedules
We'll personally send you a copy of our schedules within 48 hours.

Muay Thai

Traditional Muay Thai training in the heart of Thailand

Battle Conquer has it all! If you’re looking for more than a Muay Thai camp in Thailand then please read about our Wellness Package, designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals it covers yoga, raw detox, Buddhist teachings, meditation as well as our fitness classes, hiking, Thai massage and of course Muay Thai and Western Boxing.

Western Boxing

Experienced coaches focused on western boxing at olympic level

Muay Thai Battle Conquer's founder was a pro western boxer as were his grandfather and great grandfather! If you're looking to take your fight game to the next level or simple enjoy this awesome sport we will have a suitable training programme for you.

Yoga and Meditation

Shakti Shala is the perfect place for a Thailand yoga retreat

Welcome to our “Shakti Shala”, A Perfect Yoga Retreat In Thailand
We source the finest yoga and meditation teachers from across the globe, each one bringing their own unique teachings and guidance to ensure our guests have the best possible experience at our Yoga Camp in Thailand.
Our class schedule is packed with a variety of styles of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, please request a copy of our schedule and class descriptions.
If you would like to have all of our yoga and meditation experiences included in your programme then please enquire about our All-Inclusive Wellness Packages.
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Unique Experiences | Meeting Our English Speaking Monk

Learn key meditation skills in some of the most beautiful locations in Thailand

Our Meditation experience is very special, in the week you will have the opportunity to partake in a guided meditation from our experienced yoga and meditation instructors, learning key meditation skills in some beautiful locations such as the Dragon Temple.
These newfound skills are then put to good use when you visit our local English Speaking monk, he’s such a kind and generous man and we are so grateful to be able to include him as part of our wonderful Battle Conquer family.
You’re invited to sit with him while he discusses with you the teachings of Buddhism before he guides you through a beautiful meditation at our Meditation camp in Thailand. He is rich in knowledge so please ask him many questions.

Temples and Guided Meditation

Phetchabun is steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty

We’re surrounded by such beauty that’s steeped in history with many pretty and spectacular temples to visit. We’ve hand-picked our favourite ones for you to visit with us, meet the Monks and join our wellness coaches for a guided meditation.
There is a code of conduct so please ensure long sleeves and trousers are worn, shoes are removed before entering the temples and it’s deemed good manners by the locals to leave a tip in the collection box to help to pay towards the Monk’s living costs.

Buddha Run Challenge

Ascend the only way we know how, lots of sweat!

The Buddha Run Challenge – Owner Noi (Pau’s Daughter) thought we needed to shake up our CrossFit classes – this led to our now famous stair climb! 300 stone steps lead up to the monk’s cave temple and some astonishing views out across the Province of Phetchabun.
What’s the challenge? You have 60 minutes to see how many times you can race up and down them, the record is set at 16! Will you be able to beat it?
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Getting back to nature – an essential part of getting 'back to centre'

Noi and her family have lived here for over a century and are so happy to be able to show off their beautiful homeland, Noi chose some of the best routes for hikes to do just that. Our favourite is the Jungle Hike which leads to a secluded waterfall and pool where you can take a dip to cool off from the heat.

Crossfit and Strength Conditioning

To be strong in the body you must be strong in the mind

You will find some fun new ways to enhance your functional training at Battle Conquer. From our now famous Truck Push to tyre flipping and monkey bars, we have the best weight loss retreat in Thailand.

Organised Fights

Just when you have achieved almost everything, there is just one more, are you up of the challenge?

There are weekly opportunities for the fighters from Muay Thai Battle Conquer, a perfect Muay Thai Camp in Thailand, to compete in the local carnival fights, this is only one of the opportunities to fight that you will have during your stay.
If you are interested in gaining experience in fighting in a traditional environment, let us know. The local talent is of the highest quality, and the biggest promoters in Thailand can often be seen scouting at these events.
We will find our fighters competitive fights that will get them noticed by the right people and progress their fighting careers. If you are willing to put the effort in, so are we, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you reach the peak of your potential.
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ALL Available Inclusions

• Daily healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner from Noi’s Cafe. 

• Coffee and Tea facilities 

• Drinking water freely available (please bring refillable bottle) 

Daily yoga classes in our peaceful shakti shale
• Sunrise yoga and meditaion classes
• Buddha Run Challenge with guided meditation 

• Jungle Hike with Waterfall Meditation & swimming 

• Meeting our English Speaking Monk highlight trip
• Twice daily Muay Thai and Western Boxing
• Temple tours with guided meditation 

• Cooking demo with our Thai Chef 

• CrossFit classes 

• Hiking in gorgeous countryside 

• Swimming at the local pools and lakes 

•Peronal training sessions
• Massage treatments
• Monkey Feeding and Fish Feeding Tour with guided meditation 

• Night market and morning market tours
• Complementary shuttle service
• 5 day raw detox (optional) 

• Accommodation in air-conditioned private room with private shower room 

• Room cleaned daily, linen, bedding and towels provided
• Free use of mountain bike

Want to experience change? Get started today!

You can see our range of unique packages that cover the essentials of wellness, detox and Muay Thai fitness right on our website. What are you waiting for? Book today or send us an enquiry with any questions you might have.
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