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Camp On-Site Facilities

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Swimming Pool & Ice Plunge Bath

Take a swim among the rice fields or cool off in our ice plunge bath

Our pool at Battle Conquer Gym is an oasis of relaxation, boasting an impressive size and depth for an immersive experience. Whether you're swimming laps or simply lounging by the water, it's the perfect space to unwind during free time.

For a refreshing cooldown, we provide an ice plunge bath three times a week, providing numerous benefits for your well-being. The invigorating plunge into the icy water promotes faster recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and enhances circulation.

The ice bath experience can also aid in relieving stress, boosting energy levels, and contributing to an overall sense of rejuvenation. Dive into the soothing depths of our pool or take advantage of the ice bath—a dual approach to relaxation and recovery at its finest.

Noi's Cafe

Noi's Cafe at Battle Conquer Gym is a culinary haven where health meets flavor

Indulge in a variety of nutritious, organic dishes and explore our fresh raw meal options. With a commitment to well-being, our cafe provides a perfect space for remote work, complete with reliable wifi.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere while enjoying a nourishing meal. Elevate your culinary skills with our weekly cooking classes, where you can learn to create wholesome, delicious local Thai dishes. Noi's Cafe is not just a place to eat; it's a holistic experience catering to your taste buds, work needs, and culinary curiosity.

Noi's Cafe serves freshly made traditional Thai meals that are familiar to the farming regions of central Thailand. Breakfast and dinner are cooked meals, breakfast is very filling so lunch time snacks are available with sandwiches, salads and fruit if you're feeling hungry.

The local diet consists of chicken & pork curries, omelettes, seasonal vegetables and fruits served along side steamed rice or noodles. If you have a specific dietary need please ask before you book your trip.

Tattoo Shop

Discover the artistry of ink at our on-site tattoo shop

Yo, one of Battle Conquer Gym's seasoned trainers, transforms skin into a canvas. Yo specializes in crafting tattoos with a fusion of modern designs and the traditional Buddhist Sak Yant technique, skillfully executed with bamboo. Embrace the unique blend of contemporary and cultural aesthetics as you entrust your ink journey to Yo's expertise. Whether you seek a modern masterpiece or a timeless Sak Yant creation, our local tattoo shop offers a personalized and culturally rich experience in the realm of body art.

Massage Room

Massage is a pivotal component of muscle recovery

Traditional Thai massage stands out for its exceptional benefits. This ancient technique incorporates acupressure, stretching, and rhythmic compression to alleviate muscle tension, increase flexibility, and improve circulation. Beyond physical benefits, Thai massage promotes relaxation and mental well-being, making it a holistic approach to muscle recovery. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience of traditional Thai massage at Battle Conquer Gym, where centuries-old practices meet modern wellness for comprehensive muscle recovery. Here are some of our massage offerings:

Traditional Thai massage (60 minutes) = 200 Baht
Oil massage (60 minutes)= 300 Baht
Aloe Vera massage (60 minutes)= 350 Baht
Foot massage (6 minutes)= 200 Baht
Hot compress massage (60 minutes)= 350 Baht


You may be in the farmlands but there's no excuse for untidy nails

Elevate your self-care routine with our on-site Nail Shop at Battle Conquer Gym. Here, you can effortlessly maintain tidy and clean nails even amidst rigorous training. Offering convenience and indulgence, our nail services ensure that you leave both the gym and the Nail Shop feeling polished and put together. Kan, our lovely nail specialist will take care of all your needs. From basic mani/pedis to gels, and acrylics, she’s got you covered. Prioritize your overall well-being with this seamless integration of fitness and self-care at Battle Conquer Gym.

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