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Benefits of meditation that will convince you to make it a regular habit

Meditation is a very popular concept that has been around since ancient times. However, during COVID Meditation took hype among everyone around the globe. There are many mysteries associated with meditation. While some think that it can be practiced only with a clear mind, there, others believe it to be a religious practice. Clearly, everyone has their own view of how they perceive “meditation”.

The bottom line is that it is one of the most efficient and effective practices to keep your mind and soul healthy. We often pay too much attention to our physical well-being that we tend to ignore our mental and psychological health. This is where meditation helps. That is just one point. Below, we are going to take you through the list of reasons why you should start practicing meditation.

Benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation To Understand Why It Should Be A Part of Your Routine

Luckily, in the time we live, we don’t have to agree or believe in something because we heard about it. Unlike before when humans relied on anecdotal accounts to believe meditation is helpful, today, we have scientific proof of how beneficial practicing meditation is.

Dr. Gauthier says, “Google Scholar turns up almost 700,000 research documents on meditation, including imaging studies that show increased activity in brain regions associated with attention, memory, and a reduced risk of disease.”

Now that we know that everything we are going to tell you has been proven scientifically and we are not just stating it, let’s start…

Improved Focus

Through meditation, people have experienced a huge change in their focus. Several pieces of evidence suggest that through meditation the attention span among people has increased due to decreased activity in the brain’s default mode network (DMN). This is the part of the brain that is responsible for orchestrating worry hormones. Once you engage in this practice, you will learn a trait to quiet a wandering mind.

Mood Enhancement

Another benefit of meditation is that it helps to enhance one’s mood. In fact, it has been proven to treat depression and anxiety. With meditation, you get a chance to train your mind to focus on what matters.

Sleep Cycle Improvement

Since meditation is one practice that quiets and calms your mind, it is a great way to improve your sleep pattern. If you are someone who wants to relax your body and get rid of sleep problems, you must try making meditation a regular practice.

Great control over addiction

Addictions, as we know are quite difficult to get rid of. In a study on smokers, those who learned mindfulness were more likely to stop smoking by the end of training.

What are mindfulness and meditation?

Meditation is usually referred to as a practice where you start “thinking about not thinking”. During these 15 minutes or more of this session, you put your efforts to become aware of your thoughts and try to distance yourself from all your worries, thoughts, and stress. But the question is how meditation is related to mindfulness.

Meditation is a form of mindfulness. It is actually a process that is used to connect with surroundings. As Dr Gauthiers says, “You can be mindful doing activities like taking a shower, doing dishes, folding laundry. But you’re also being mindful — and getting additional benefits — while you’re meditating.”

One thing to note here is that mindfulness and meditation are all about making yourself aware of the present moment. It is a normal tendency for our brains to wander. However, with mindfulness and meditation, you get a chance to train your mind to be more focused with no distractions and bring your attention back to the present moment.

Stress Relief

Stress is a rising concern today. This is why people are always looking for ways to reduce stress. Meditation has been known as a great practice that reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Along with this, people who practice meditation every day tend to have lower levels of blood pressure and heart rate, improving their overall health.

Pain Relief

Meditation is also renowned as a method of pain relief. In a study conducted with 47 participants suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety were asked to practice meditation regularly for 8 weeks. Over this time period, they witnessed relief from pain.
What to know before you start meditating?

Meditation is one of the simple and easy-to-practice processes that come with a long list of benefits that we have listed above. However, one thing to note before you start your journey of meditation is that it has to be practiced very cautiously. Without proper knowledge of how to practice meditation, it can go extremely wrong. So, it is very important that you learn from the best meditation experts.

Not sure who to learn meditation from? Luckily, there are many meditation centers in Thailand where all meditation enthusiasts come to learn the skill. One such center is Battle Conquer. They have a team of meditation experts who have experience in practicing meditation for years. Here, you get a chance to learn from the best of the best professionals. If you have any questions regarding meditation packages or the practice itself, you can consult them and they will help you get all the answers.

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