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Things no one tells you about weight loss! 

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges that most people today are struggling with. If you go online and search for weight loss tips, you will find a lot of information. Judging which of these weight loss tips is correct or incorrect is completely on us.

Irrespective of what you might believe, losing weight comes with many benefits. You will observe people who lost 5% or 10% of their body weight tend to witness a huge improvement in their overall health condition.

Dr Adam Tsai, a physician at Kaiser Permanente Colorado & spokesperson for the obesity society said, “Shedding unwanted weight can have less obvious effects and not always for the better.”

Over the years of helping people with their weight loss and fitness, we have found many people achieving their weight loss goals and becoming healthier. Today, we have decided to share some unknown facts about losing weight.

Weight loss is not equal to happiness

Many people expect that they can be happier if they lose those extra pounds. Setting goals and achieving them can give you a feeling of accomplishment but if you are expecting to shed off your problems along with your weight, you probably are wrong.

We have seen many people believe that losing weight will help resolve their relationship issues and more. This is a big misconception. Losing weight can definitely help you resolve your health problems but when it comes to personal issues, weight loss will have no effect on it.

Food taste differently

Another big thing that no one tells you about weight loss is that it can change your taste buds. This theory explains why obese people eat more when looking for satisfaction from their meals, not the flavor.

weight loss

Relationship changes

Another big change that people experience while on their journey of weight loss is that it can improve their relationship with their spouse. Studies have shown that they grow closer after losing weight. It has been seen that people who lose weight witness a boost in their confidence, eventually leading to a better relationship.

Adjustment issues

People who have dropped a few pounds struggle to make the changes. It might feel at first that it is a big change – starting from the complete wardrobe to the habits they formed when they were bigger.

Memory improvement

Another impact that one would see when they lose weight is that their memory improves. A Swedish study proves that shedding just 17 pounds can significantly improve your memory. It was also found that brain scans of people who have lost weight showed more activity during the encoding process while forming memories and lesser activity while retrieving a memory, enhancing their recall ability.

Better Sleep Cycle

When you lose weight, you tend to experience a huge change in your sleep cycle in a good way. The theory behind this is very simple. When you lose weight, you become more active and when you become more active you tend to get more tired and then you sleep better.

More Stress

If you lose weight, the stress of maintaining it can be exhausting. The National Weight Control Registry tracked people who lost 30 pounds & kept it for a year and found that people who are able to maintain the lost weight tend to get more obsessive with it, stressing them all the way.

Increased level of energy

Another very big change that happens when you lose those extra pounds is that you start feeling a boost in your energy level. Most obese people tend to complain about feeling lethargic all the time. By losing weight, you improve your oxygen efficiency which will improve your energy levels.

Reduced risk of cancer

We all know that there are many things like smoking, extreme sun exposure, and radiation that can cause cancer but what we don’t know is that obesity has also been linked to several types of cancer. Inflammation is a very common problem in obese people and if the levels of inflammation rise above a certain level it can put a person at risk of cancer. Studies have shown that reducing your weight by just 5% can significantly reduce the risk of cancer among overweight people.

Maintenance is hard

A thing about weight loss is that you will have to constantly work on maintaining your weight. Losing weight is difficult but gaining it is quite easy. It is a known fact that people tend to work even harder to maintain the weight they lost which can be tough at times.

Be patient while you are on your weight loss journey

Weight loss can be exciting and we have seen many people jumping ahead and changing their entire wardrobe before they have stabilized their weight. We highly recommend you be patient before spending your hard-earned money on your wardrobe. So, wait until your weight is stable and once you have reached your final size, go all in.

A better version of yourself

Another highlight of losing weight and getting in perfect shape can help you be more confident. Once you have achieved your optimum weight, you will observe a great boost in your confidence.

Bottom Line

These are a few things that people on their journey of weight loss will experience. Losing weight can be good but challenging. We have been around people who have lost weight and we have seen many of them being unaware of the things we mentioned above. There are many weight loss retreats across the world where you can go to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. One such place is Battle Conquer.

This weight loss retreat in Thailand is one of the most popular places where you can learn Muay Thai, Yoga, Cross Fit, and meditation. Altogether, it is a perfect place for one to go to if one wishes to lose weight and work on your fitness. There are several different weight loss packages that you can choose from. You can check them out here.

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