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10 reasons why meditation will stop bad habits

Everyone has their own challenges to tackle in their life. Our life is defined by our choices and decisions. Developing the right type of habit or picking on the wrong one is completely on our will. However, there might be a chance that when you reflect back you get to realize your bad decision and start working on getting rid of the bad habits.

Here, in this blog, we are going to share with you a few ways in which meditation can help you get rid of bad and unhealthy habits you might have developed. Whether it is binge eating, porn addiction, smoking, drinking alcohol, biting nails, wasting time online, swearing, scratching your skin, etc, meditation can pull you from any bad habit. Before we start, it is important you pick one habit at a time that you want to break before you move on to the next section – how to break bad habits with meditation.


How to break bad habits with meditation?

Meditation is known for many benefits other than helping you get rid of any bad habits which you can check in our list of benefits of meditation. However, here in this blog, we are going to discuss how it can help you overcome your bad habits.

A better coping mechanism for dealing with stress

Leo Babauta recently pointed out, bad habits usually start as a way to deal with stress or boredom. So, when it comes to overcoming these bad habits, you need to find better ways to deal with your boredom or stress. The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to adopt the good one instead. Meditation and mindful breathing are one of these good habits that have helped people get over their pitfalls.

Keeping up with your motivation

High motivation can help you change your habit easily. However, finding the right motivation is a challenge that most people face. By practicing meditation regularly, you can increase your self-awareness and clear your mind. This is not all, it also gives you a deeper understanding & sensitivity which further helps in making the right judgment.

Mindful pause before reacting

When you practice meditation regularly, you tend to develop the skill of noticing when you get distracted from the goal you have set for yourself. Clearing your head can help you choose the correct things. Just with a few months of practicing meditation, you can develop a skill that translates into your daily life giving you enough space between an emotional trigger and your reaction. For example, if you are a person whose first response to stress is to go out for a smoke, meditation will put a step in between the process of your stress and the decision of smoking, helping you think calmly to make the right choice.

Keeping stronger willpower

Willpower is a necessity if you wish to get rid of your bad habits. Every time you think like falling in for your bad habit, you should start distracting yourself with micro-exercise. To develop stronger willpower, meditation is one of the best practices. Meditating regularly can help you distract yourself from destructive emotions, poisoning thoughts, and negative self-talk, which in turn would help in your well-being both in your relationship and career, boosting your willpower.

Tackling your emotions

By meditating regularly, you can fill in all the emotional gaps that otherwise might have pushed you into a bad habit. While you are at it, remember meditation cannot help you resolve it independently. It is a combination of having willpower, goals, and values that all together can help you fight through bad habits that you might have developed over the years.

Bottom Line

In the end, we would like to point out that fighting off bad habits is one of the toughest things to do as an individual. It completely depends on you on how determined you are to get rid of your bad habits. Meditation is known to have some great benefits, pulling you through a pitfall of bad choices or habits that you let down. If you wish to learn the art of meditation, you can join us at Battle Conquer.

A Little Bit About Us

Battle Conquer is one of the leading health and fitness retreat centers in Thailand. Along with meditation, we offer many different training services like Muay Thai, cross-fit, yoga, and cycling. At our retreat, you can explore your inner self and make a breakthrough in getting out of your bad choices.

Many people come to us wishing to fight their bad habits and we are dedicated to helping them. We have the world’s best meditation coaches who will guide you through your journey of fighting your battles like bad habits you might have developed like smoking, drinking alcohol, biting nails, wasting time online, swearing, scratching your skin etc. We have many different fitness packages for you to choose from.

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