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Why You Should Not Do Yoga?

No, we are not contradicting our previous statement here. This might sound weird but hang on…you will find out what we mean by – why you should not do yoga pretty soon.

In our many earlier blogs and articles, we have specifically encouraged everyone to make practicing yoga a habit and have elaborated on many benefits of yoga. But why are we saying you should not do it now?

Well, over the centuries yoga has become a successful means for one to become healthier and physically and mentally fit, but what we ignore is that it is a type of exercise only and there are certain people for whom practicing yoga might be harmful. So, today, we are going to focus on discussing who should not do yoga and why?

Why You Should Not Do Yoga?

So, here is the list…

Who should avoid yoga?

As we mentioned before, yoga hands down is a good thing for your health, however, there can be a number of reasons why you might not be a fit candidate to learn yoga. Remember the ultimate goal of practicing yoga is to feel comfortable and safe. Here is what might be a signal that yoga is not for you.

  1. Running out of breath after every yoga session

If you have ever joined us for a yoga session, you must be aware of how focused all our teachers, gurus, and instructors are on proper and long inhaling and exhaling routines. This indeed is one of the most critical aspects of practicing yoga.

In case you are always feeling out of breath during or after a yoga session, even after practicing the best methods, it is a sign that yoga is not for you. It also indicates that you might have some physical problem that you must pay attention to.

So, in short, if you feel out of breath after and during a simple and low-intensity yoga session, you must stop right away.

  1. Feel extremely exhausted after the session

As we mentioned that there are a few indicators that determine whether yoga is for you or not. One such indicator is exhaustion. If you are over-exerted because of either professional or personal issues, yoga will not yield results no matter what. We always say that if you practice yoga while you are overexerted, it will just make you feel more tired. So, this is another key element to consider before you start doing yoga.

  1. Pain in body

Yoga is a known remedy for pain when practiced regularly. However, you need to understand your body. If the sessions are causing you pain, you need to immediately stop and learn more about what is causing the problem. At Battle Conquer, we help people get in sync with their bodies and train accordingly.

  1. Restlessness

We always focus on everyone’s mental health. If you wish to practice yoga, you have to be very patient. Learning yoga is not something simple. It takes years & years of practice to master it. You can imagine how restlessness can be an issue here. So, if you are someone with a restless mindset, we recommend you not practice yoga.

  1. Wrist pain

There are certain yoga poses that require a good level of strength in your wrist and if your wrist hurts grievously after and during yoga sessions, it is a problem.

  1. The goal of losing weight

Last but not least, if you are practicing yoga with the goal of losing weight, you must stop now. Yoga is a holistic practicing method that requires time and patience. So, while deciding whether to practice yoga or not, you must be clear on the goals.

These are some of the most common signals which can help you decide whether yoga is for you or not. Yoga is a great means of healthy living but unfortunately, there are certain problems like we discussed above that might prohibit you from practicing it.

If you have none of the above-mentioned issues, you can certainly practice yoga, and lucky for you, we have a complete guide on how to select the right yoga centre for you. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! And call us to know more about our yoga retreat.

We hope you find this article helpful…

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